Benetech Global Certified Accessible (GCA) Standards

Benetech Global Certified Accessible (GCA) Standards

As described on slide 6, these are the steps required to certify a publication:
  1. Validate EPUB with EPUBCheck Utility
  2. Review EPUB using a reading system for potential accessibility issues
  3. Validate accessibility with Ace by DAISY
  4. Check conformance with SMART by DAISY
  5. Explore EPUB internal code with Sigil / Calibre
  6. Check images with text for proper contrast 
  7. Produce various reports for publisher

DPS keeps abreast of these changes; so all ePUB3 produced after the a Bulletin implementation date will contain the changes. However, since this may set up a conflict between the ACE tool and the file, recent changes may be withheld at publisher request. See below for an example of the application of standards.

By GCA policy, any preexisting certified EPUBs and any EPUBs currently going through the GCA process will not need to change. Only new EPUBs submitted for evaluation after the Bulletin date will need to conform to the guidelines outlined in the bulletin.
Here is an example of the overview section of a Benetech report:

When content is received which deviates from standards, we make the necessary changes as a default, although clients may ask for overrides with inhouse standards. Examples:
For alt-text in covers, we follow Benetech guidelines, which recommend keeping short alt-text below 200 characters. When alt-text received exceeds this size it must be treated as a "long description" and incorporated in the appropriate elements. 
These guidelines are specified for covers:

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