The ACE Report by DAISY

The ACE Report by DAISY

Every EPUB3 created by DPS is accompanied by an ACE Report, which validates the file according to current WGA standards. The report is built by the "ACE checker," a tool developed by the DAISY Consortium to evaluate the accessibility of EPUB files.

The Value of ACE

1. Automated Checks: ACE automates the process of finding common issues that might be easily overlooked.
2. Currency: EPUB Accessibility specifications/WCAG guidelines change frequently; the report is aligned with those current as of the report date. 
3. Detail: The report points out issues and offering guidance on how to resolve them

How to Use ACE as a Validation Tool 

  1. •  Download and install the ACE by DAISY App or the ACE by DAISY Command Line tool from the DAISY Consortium website or the Inclusive Publishing website The app has a graphical user interface, while the command line tool requires typing commands in a terminal window.
  2. •  Launch the app or the command line tool and select the EPUB file that you want to test. You can also drag and drop the EPUB file into the app window or the terminal window.
  3. •  Wait for the tool to run the automated accessibility checks and generate a report. The report will be displayed in the app window or opened in your web browser. The report will show you a list of violations, metadata, document outlines, and images that need manual inspection.
  4. •  Review the report and fix the violations according to the EPUB Accessibility Specification You can also use the data visualizations to help you with the manual inspection process. You can find more information and guidance on how to use the report in this article or this video
  5. •  Repeat the process until you have resolved all the accessibility issues and improved the quality of your EPUB file.

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