Onix for Accessible EPUB

Onix for Accessible EPUB

ONIX is the universal metadata protocol used by publishers worldwide to support the marketing of books through all supply chains.

For every format issued, a separate ISBN is required, which in turn requires an onix record. By the time most books are ready for conversion, an Onix record (usually covering the physical book format) will have been submitted by the publisher to the Onix repository of record in each territory. (In Canada, this is Biblioshare.)

When e-formats are added with individual ISBNs, publishers should either integrate these ISBNs into the original record as "related products" or create and circulate new Onix records for these titles. 
For Accessible formats, there is a special set of standards for Onix records.
This is deslgnated as Codelist 196. More detail here.
As part of the delivery of orders for Accessible ePub3, DPS supplies free onix records meeting these standards. 

How it works:

To add a title to the Titles module, the Print ISBN must be entered. This triggers a search on the Biblioshare database to populate the DPS record with key bibliographic elements and to download the book onix record and save it in the Source Files folder for the title. To complete the metadata entry, the record owner/publisher enters the ISBNs applicable to the e-formats (epub and/or pdf) being ordered. 
These new e-format ISBNs are passed through an automated remediation process developed by Onixedit which adds the fields below to the basic book metadata and creates new records for each ISBN which, for Accessible formats, contain the Onix "codelist 196" standards shown here.
These are delivered to the "Conversions" folder for each title as new onix records named with the print or epub ISBN, following these rules:
If a "Related Product" entry for the epub version of the Title is included in the original print record, the new record will be named with the related ISBN and the former print ISBN will be shown in the record as a "Related Product."
For example, if the original record 978177422052.xml contains related product "9781774220634," the new record will be named A-9781774220634.xml
If no "Related Product" is shown in the original record, the new record will be named with the Print ISBN. The "A-" prefix on the onix filename will be the only distinguishing feature between original and accessible.
Fields added are these:
These are the Codelist 196 fields added to the record:

Submitting these new records through Biblioshare to ebook distributors is the best way for publishers to inform the supply chain that an epub meets Accessible standards.
Please see the attachment below for a sample.

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