A Quick Introduction

A Quick Introduction

deslibris Publishing Solutions offers two related services to publishers:

Book Production

Working from a finished manuscript, we will typeset, handle composition and design, creating camera-ready copy for both print and ebook distribution. 

Accessible eBook Conversion 

From PDF, Word or InDesign source files we will create any ePub format, including Benetech-certified accessible ePub3. 

While all e-formats are available, DPS specializes in the production of accessible ePUB3, which is the key digital format needed to serve most markets. See more here.
To open a publisher account, register here.
You’ll receive an email confirming your new account and inviting you to create a password for your email address.
After registration, sign in here.


Secure file management is the central function of the DPS platform. When you set up a publisher client account, you are authenticated for access to the DPS Archive (file storage facility) which will serve as the reception point for your “source files” (the original files--PDFs, InDesign or EPUBs—that you supply as the basis for conversions) as well as the delivery point where the formats you order will be delivered after production.

Every title in your Archive has its own directory which contains these two folders. When you “Add a title,” a new directory is created containing these folders for that title.

As an authenticated user, you have unlimited access to your Archive as you would have access to your folders on a service like Dropbox or Google Drive. You may upload or revise Source Files, and you may download files in “Deliveries” to a local drive. The purpose of the user interface is to simplify the management of these critical folders.

After logging in to your account, you will see "Title List" and "Orders" in the sidebar.

Add a Single Title

Click on “Add title” in the sidebar to see this view, in which there are two frames.
After entering basic metadata in frame 1, go to frame 2 if you want the order to include book production (composition and design.) 

Frame 1 contains metadata information on the book. 
To save time, enter the Print ISBN  and click on “Search Biblioshare.” If there is a Biblioshare record available, this will populate the fields in this view, which will save data entry time and insure that the metadata is accurate. Where no ISBN is available, since this is a required field, any unique reference number may be used. (For example, issue numbers for serials, or even PO numbers.)
ISSN should not be used because the number is not unique per title.
Frame 2 (accessed by clicking "Next step,") contains information needed if your order includes composition and design services.

Click "Submit" to create the title record.

Submit Source Files

These are the originals from which we will create the output ordered. They may be submitted in Word, PDF, ePUB, InDesign or other formats.
To submit these, go to the Title View and click "Source Files." 

This will open the folder in your Archive designated for the purpose. 
There are no particular naming or format requirements; any and all files (including cover jpgs, instructions, etc) and folders may be uploaded.
Use the "new" button to upload files.

Titles List View

After a title has been added it will show up in the Titles List view

Click the Edit button (1) to open the Title View , the Cart button (2) to add the title to your cart, or the Trash button (3) to delete the title.

Single Title View

This view provides access to
(1) the edit view for title details
(2 and 3)  folders for source and conversion delivery files, and
(4) any orders placed for conversions of that title.

Bulk Upload

To add a series of titles to your site, use the "Import Multiple Titles with ISBN" button on the Titles view.  This presents a window in which you can paste a series of print ISBNs to fetch using the Biblioshare service. This will present a list of titles found in the service which match the ISBNs entered. Use the "Select" button to choose those you wish to add to your site.
Click "Add Titles" and a record will be created for each title.
About Biblioshare:

Archive Folders

There are two "archives" available to the client site; current and original 
The "current archive" item on the sidebar opens the Drive containing all titles currently listed on the site. See here for more. 
For a given title, the best approach is to access the current archive from the Title view, where you will find the two folders assigned to it: "Source Files" and "Conversions Delivered." 

You have “read-write” access to Source Files. Use the "New" button to upload any file or folder.
You have "read only" access to "Conversions Delivered," which is the location to which deliveries of converted files are made. These will include the ATAR sheet for alt-text editing. The only way to create a new folder in the current archive is to "Add a Title," which set up new Source and Delivery folders associated with that title.  

Placing Orders and Output Formats Available

To place an order for a title or a group of titles, go to the Titles List View and use the "Add to cart" symbol/button to place each title in the cart. The cart will remain open for addition of more titles to the same order. (Multiple titles may be included in a single order as long as output formats are the same for all titles in the order.)

A click on the cart symbol itself will open the order module, where you may select the output formats required (1) and place an order.

Working from any source file formats, including Word, PDF, InDesign and epub, formats available include ePub2 and ePUB3 (both fixed and reflowable,) as well as ePUB3 Accessible.
As Formats are selected, the "Total" for each title will calculate/update based on the price of the chosen format and the page count.
3. This button will register a Request a Quote or a change an existing order. See more below. 
4. Enter an internal PO# to the order here; this will appear on invoices.
"Place Order" (5) will record the order, and you'll then receive an email confirmation, showing order details and expected delivery date. 
Use "Reply" on this email to create a running "ticket" to use for change requests, comments or questions on the order. 
When the order is complete, you'll receive a delivery notice in the form of an update to this message, and a link to the Delivery folder where your order may be picked up. An invoice will follow.

Request a Quote or Comment

If have questions or are unsure about how to proceed with a given title or titles, you can use the Request for Comment/Quote button in the cart. Start by placing all titles for which you require information into the cart and click on "Request for Comment." 

You will then receive an acknowledgment ticket by email; this starts a thread for communication on the title or titles.
Reply to this (addressing support@deslibris.pub) with your questions and we will respond with answers and pricing.

Rules Sheets

Clients with inhouse Style sheets may file them with DPS for guidance. A sample is provided in the Client Folder on every site; this may be modified / customized to client standards.

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