Thorium Reader for Accessible EPUB3

Thorium Reader for Accessible EPUB3

To view the Accessible EPUB from DPS, we recommend the free, open-source Thorium Reader from EDRLab.
Choose the version you need for download to your operating system here. 

Because Thorium supports a wide range of formats, including EPUB3 in reflow or fixed layout format, audiobooks, visual narratives, PDF documents and DAISY 2.02 and 3 accessible ebooks; LCP protected or not, it's an excellent showcase for Accessible EPUB for visually impaired or dyslexic readers.
  1. MathML native rendering
  2. Left/right/justify text alignment.
  3. OPDS display of accessibility metadata.
  4. Double-click for text selection.
Thorium also supports
  1. various languages, including right-to-left languages, and the ability to switch languages on the fly
  2. reading modes, such as night mode, sepia mode, and dyslexia-friendly mode
  3. font sizes, styles, and families, including OpenDyslexic font
  4. text-to-speech engines, voices, and speeds, as well as the ability to highlight the spoken text
  5. keyboard shortcuts, touch gestures, and mouse actions to navigate and control the reader 
  6. assistive technologies, such as screen readers, magnifiers, or braille displays

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