The Book Production Process

The Book Production Process

Here's how to place a Book Composition order and what to expect.

This order type includes creation and delivery of print-ready files for hard-copy printing as well as ePub files ready for distribution through Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo and other ebook distributors.

1. Create Title and Place Order 

Use your account to add a title and place an order. 
Choose "Book Composition and Layout" from the order form (see below.)
A Book Composition order may include only one title per order.
(The per page price, initially shown at $0,  will be confirmed on the Estimate (see below) based on the nature of the file and the final output requirements.

2. Receive Order Confirmation

Your order will generate a confirmation "ticket" which will remain "open" so that it may be used for exchanging questions and information as the work progresses.

3. Upload Source File(s)

After the title has been created on the platform, use the "Upload Source Files" button on the Title View to open a folder to upload all source files we will need to perform the composition work.  These may be Word documents, image files for interior or cover, and any other other text you think we will need.
Sample layouts and notes on style are welcome. If there is a house Style Sheet, please add it to this folder.

4. Defining Requirements 

If we have questions after reviewing the source files you provide, we will ask for clarification on the confirmation ticket thread. (Please continue to use this ticket as the communication channel for questions and change requests until the project is complete.)

5. The Estimate 

After our questions have been answered and any special output requirements have been defined, we will send you an Estimate (a binding quote) for the work. This will set a firm per-page price for delivery of the finished products. (See below for the formats included in the order.) Your acceptance of the Estimate will initiate the production process. 

6. Delivery of First Proof

Upon receipt of your acceptance, we will proceed with composition/typesetting, placing images and creating tables as required to arrive at a "First Proof" for the book, which under normal conditions, will be posted to the "Deliveries" folder for the title within a week along with an email notification. 
Your acceptance of the Estimate will also trigger an invoice. The 30-day payment terms on the invoice should be adequate to allow for the 
the exchange of correction requests (the price includes 2 correction rounds) and completion/delivery of the work.      

7. The Final Proof 

Using your feedback on the First Proof, we will make corrections and upload revised versions (if any) to the Deliveries folder. 

8. Formats Supplied and Guarantees

These e-formats are included in the package:
1. Print-ready (Print-on-Demand) PDF
These files for both interior and covers are pre-flighted and ready for upload to Amazon's KDP, IngramSpark and/or to a printer of your choice.
2. ePub or KPF Optimized for Amazon
Guaranteed error-free and tested on all target devices and apps. These include the legacy e-ink kindles, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. We check the files on apps including: the Kindle Previewer, the Kindle for PC, the Kindle for Mac, the Kindle for iOS devices and the Kindle for Android devices. The KPF file will be reviewed on the latest version of the Kindle Previewer
3. ePub for Apple, Google and Kobo (Reflowing or Fixed-layout) 
Ready for upload to Apple Bookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble's Nook Press, and Google's Playstore, to name a few. All content and images in the reflowing formats are hand-coded to guarantee platform compatibility"
4. An InDesign package for your archives 

9. Optional Distribution to Portals

Upon request we will send your book to Amazon, Kobo or any distribution portal of your choice. You will need to register as a publisher on these portals if you have not done already. We will need the log in credentials and the metadata for the book for us to distribute it on the different portals.

For the review of epub we highly recommend the free Thorium Reader. More detail.

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