The Alt-text Revision (ATAR) Service

The Alt-text Revision (ATAR) Service

Image descriptions (alt-text) are essential components of the Accessible EPUB3, especially where images are vital to the content. 
Best practice demands that the alt-text be written/certified by someone familiar with the content (author, editor or publisher.)
To assist publishers with post-production alt-text creation, DPS provides the Alt-text Revision (ATAR) Service.

During the production process, a placeholder/marker is inserted by DPS in the EPUB3 file for all images requiring Alt-text. These markers are included in the ATAR Report, an Excel sheet providing thumbnails of all images in the text (one row per image.)

The first draft of the sheet, supplied with all Accessible ePub3 deliveries, provides an easy way for editors/creators to review and improve the text.
When the sheet is modified and returned, DPS will integrate all modifications provided into the ePub, producing a finished file which meets the "creator-approved" criterion for images.

All ePUB3 orders are delivered with an ATAR sheet. However, there is a charge for integration of Alt-text when the sheet is returned.
Where the ATAR Service is included in the initial order, there is no extra charge for this additional step.
Where ePub3 is ordered without ATAR, integration of corrected alt-text is available at the extra charge of $.10/page.

Quick Take: How to use the ATAR service
The ATAR sheet is delivered to the "Deliveries" folder with the converted ePub3. 
Download the file, make the necessary edits/corrections, and return the revised sheet to DPS by uploading it to "Source Files."
This will prompt integration of the revised alt-text with the ePub3, which will be delivered with a ticket notification.  

The purpose of the ATAR sheet is to assist Clients with the composition of Alt-text.
Since Clients bear the final responsibility for Alt-text, it is understood that the final copy used for the ePub file has been certified by Client.

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