How to Request Revisions or Corrections

How to Request Revisions or Corrections

DPS guarantees satisfaction on all conversion work. Invoices are not payable until work has been reviewed and accepted. Corrections to new conversions are done without extra charge.

Where corrections or revisions are required after production is complete,
Place the title in the cart and select "Revise previous order" (1) from the Formats and Services menu.
Select "Revise Previous Order or Request Quote" and click on the "Request Quote or Modify Existing Order" button. This will generate an email confirmation; please use the reply to this to specify your requirements. 
If content is to be replaced, please upload the content and instructions to the "Source File" folder for the title.
When your instructions are received we will confirm with any questions or extra charges. and will specify a delivery time. 

We will deliver the revised files to the Deliveries" folder for the title in a subfolder entitled "Revisions." 

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