Reasons to Choose DPS

Reasons to Choose DPS

Format Challenges

As outlined here, there is a bewildering variety of ebook and print-on-demand distributors and format choices. 

Distributor Challenges

The same could be said of production options. Every distributor offers to format your manuscript to suit their requirements.

like Kindle, Kobo, Apple and Google, etc 
Self-publishing services like IngramSpark, Lulu, Smashwords, etc 
Specialized platforms like Gale, VitalSource, etc
Every distributor provides instructions for  rendering books in the formats each requires.
Note the "Third Party Conversion Services" section, which includes this: 
"The preferred outputs from conversion houses to be processed by Amazon are:
  1. Books in EPUB format
  2. Metadata in ONIX format (XML)"

So instead of spending the time and money to conform to these requirements for each distribution channel, use DPS. 
Under a single per-page price, we provide the e-formats necessary to distribute your books on all these platforms.
We provide files for both print and eBook versions.


There are so many variables in the process, from ever-changing ePub standards to distributor practices. Doing ebook conversion inhouse means that you're paying for troubleshooting. With DPS, when an epub fails a test or a submission fails to meet a distributor standard, the troubleshooting is free,

Thanks to 
our Guarantees there are no extra or unforeseen costs.


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